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Shedrow Horse Barns

Shedrow Horse Barns

Our Shedrow horse barns are an excellent choice for warm weather climates or where space may be limited. The Shedrow barn can be used in varied applications, such as hot desert conditions, racetracks, or as a training barn. The overhang offers a protected space from sun and rain, and functions as a multi-purpose area perfect for tacking up, cleaning equipment or storing hay. 

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The shedrow barn’s open style is highly advantageous when it comes to ventilation and is at its best when space is limited. As the name “shedrow” implies, the layout is a row of stalls opening to an open breezeway overhang. The overhang on the shedrow horse barn comes in a variety of sizes, making it ideal for optimizing your workspace needs. The open stalls allow your horses to enjoy the natural sunlight and to take pleasure in the breeze that the shedrow allows. This fresh air is useful in warmer climates, for horses with allergies and for those involved in events and/or racing. The shedrow ventilation allows for maximum airflow needed to compete at their best!

The shedrow horse barn design also offers your horses a view of the surrounding area as they look out the front of the stall, keeping them entertained with the varied goings on throughout the day and night. This “entertainment view” is especially useful for young horses or those horses that may be easily bored.

The shedrow style barn provides for countless design variations, such as the standard stalls in a row, L-shaped, U-shaped or a back-to-back design with a breezeway wrapping around the entire structure. The standard shedrow allows for the management of horses who may not get along, permitting you to place them at separate ends of the row and is especially helpful for breeding, as mares can be housed away from stallions and colts. Having stalls at opposite ends of the shedrow is also useful for horses that may be ill or need some privacy but not isolation. This option enables them to be in the company of other horses yet allows for separation of contact, especially if the stall is away from the entrance where the other horses are coming and going.

The L-shaped shedrow configuration fits nicely into any corner of your property and provides an area of privacy from adjacent neighbors. The L-shaped shedrow barn is easily customized to fit your needs, whether it is open areas for storing hay and equipment or grooming your horses.

The U-shaped shedrow is optimal for the busy trainer or instructor who needs to keep a close eye on what is happening throughout the day. Having views of the courtyard gives the opportunity to watch horses, riders, and all the activity going on all at the same time. Both the L and U-shaped shedrow configurations allow for a communal workspace, making them valuable from a safety standpoint as well as ease of keeping routines and chores on track.

Another advantage to the shedrow barn is the ease of which it can be added on to and customized. You can start with one shedrow and add more as you grow. Another option is to simply add stalls on to your existing shedrow, or create an L-shape as your needs increase.   Stalls may be left open and without fronts for storage usage and then later enclosed as needed for future stall growth.

The benefits to the shedrow barn are endless, including flexibility of design, ventilation and optimal natural lighting. When you add the long list of options and accessories available from Castlebrook Barns, it makes the shedrow a perfect option for your barn needs.

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FAQs about Shedrow Horse Barns

I love the openness of the Shedrow barn but I am concerned about having enough undercover space to work with my horses out of the elements. How can I have the protected space of the Raised Center Aisle Barns and the open style of a Shedrow barn?

Why not add an overhang to either side of your Shedrow Barn!  This protected covered area can be used for grooming, tacking up, or as a cross-tie area while cleaning your stalls.  Another great option is to extend the front overhang, thereby creating a large covered area in front of the stalls.

I’m on a tight budget but love the look of your barns. Which design is the most cost friendly?

Although it is built with the same materials, methods and quality, the design makes our Shedrow Barn is the most cost effective barn we build

I have a very high snow load in my area. Can I still have a Shedrow Barn?

Yes, you can!  Castlebrook’s Shedrow Barn (as well as all our barns) can be built to meet your building department’s wind or snow load requirements!

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