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Castlebrook’s Gambrel Barn offers the best of both worlds – classic American style and modern construction. The Gambrel Barn features a roof design using two different slopes on each side to maximize internal storage space. The gambrel barn is popular as it offers maximum interior capacity and the ability for a large second story loft.

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Looking for a horse barn with classic American style? Castlebrook Barns’ Gambrel style barn is the right fit for you. The Gambrel Barn, also known as the Dutch style, stands out on any property and can be customized to meet your exact needs, making it a versatile option for use on your property.

The design of the Gambrel barn creates a roofline that is pitched at a steeper angle than other barn rooflines, making the upper levels of the interior able to be used more effectively, allowing for both beauty and an efficient use of space. This extra space in the upper “attic” area of the barn makes the gambrel barn perfect for those who want a lofted space for such things as hay, storage or even an observation area to view the goings-on below. It is this extra space that made the Gambrel barn a popular choice for dairy farmers in the United States during 20th Century. Today, both farmers and horse enthusiasts alike have chosen the gambrel barn design for both its functionality and beauty. This melding of usefulness and aesthetics makes the Gambrel barn a great choice for recreational, agricultural and equine facility uses. The breezeway down the center of the barn can be customized in width to accommodate many uses.

The breezeway can be used for tacking up, grooming your horses or for vet checks and farrier work. This wide, protected breezeway is especially useful when utilizing individual tack trunks, as it allows passage between the stalls in a safe area while still leaving room for passage through the barn. This sheltered space in your barn also means you can work in a protected area free from sun, rain and snow, making it a good choice for those living areas affected by harsh weather.

All Castlebrook’s barns, including our Gambrel barn, are engineered and built to meet your location’s wind and/or snow load requirements. By utilizing our 3/16” structural steel framework, Castlebrook’s is unmatched in its ability to meet and exceed the requirements provided by your local building department. Castlebrook’s barns are designed and engineered for the safety of you and your horses while maintaining both beauty and functionality.

Customize your gambrel horse barn by adding some of the many options Castlebrook has available. Some of the more popular options are overhang extensions, auto waters, and feed mangers. The overhang extension option provides for an extended space out from the front and/or rear of your barn, adding additional room while still being under cover and protected from the elements. Further customize your overhang space by adding crosstie posts, hitching posts or grooming options to further make the space both functional and beautiful.

The traditional look of the gambrel barn can be deceiving. Although it may have a classic, old-world look, Castlebrook builds their gambrel barns to be durable as well as beautiful. The Gambrel barn’s reputation of being a workhorse is well earned and makes it a popular choice for many other uses, including storage buildings, garages, workshops, and farm equipment storage, just to name a few.

Castlebrook Barns’ design team can assist you in customizing the look of your new gambrel barn with such things as windows, cupolas, and various stall door options to choose from. Castlebrook has the expert knowledge to design and build a Gambrel building that will bring lasting use and enjoyment.

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FAQs about Gambrel Horse Barns

How is the Gambrel Barn different from other barns you offer?

The major difference is that the Gambrel Barn creates the old-world look by using two slopes on either side of the barn.  The Gambrel is the perfect option for someone who wants the aesthetic of a classic American style barn and optimal interior capacity. 

Is the Gambrel as versatile as the Raised Center Aisle Barn?

Absolutely!  The sloped roofline allows for an abundance of interior space.  This upper level area is perfect for second story loft space.

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