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Round Pens & Covers

All Round Pens come standard with an 8’ wide double gate and squeeze trigger latch for ease of operation. Each Round Pen section assembles quickly with our easy-to-use pin system design. Our Round Pen panels come in a variety of options such as solid 6’ or 8’ walls, barred walls or a combination of both. Want to add the final grand touch? Our Round Pen cover is designed for the utmost in beauty and functionality for horse and horseman.

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Castlebook Barns’ Covered Round Pen is designed for the utmost in beauty, safety and functionality for horse and horseman.  Our ability to build to your wind and snow load requirements allows for use in even the most harsh weather conditions, providing for year-round enjoyment and exercise of your horses.   Rain, sleet, or blazing hot sun, our Covered Round Pen has you protected day and night! 

Castlebrook Barns’ round pen is integrated into the columns that support the round pen cover, providing superior safety, increased usable space and seamless beauty.   This integration of components increases the riding space inside the round pen and avoids the tripping hazards associated with other non-integrated designs.  For further safety consideration, our column base plates are buried and unexposed, thereby minimizing trip hazards, unlike the design of most Covered Round Pens.

Castlebrook’s use of wide-flange beams to support the roof is another element that sets us apart from our competition.  While others use truss systems, which are web-like in design, reduce head height, and is a prime place for birds to hangout and create nests, Castlebrook’s wide-flange beam system creates clean lines, more head space and less opportunity for the nesting of birds and other animals. 

Castlebrook Barns’ Covered Round Pen comes with many outstanding standard features including a painted frame, painted columns and painted wide flange beams. Also standard is our 8’-wide gate with center post and safety squeeze trigger latch for ease of access into your round pen.   We also offer the popular option of a free- span gate with slide latch, allowing for 8’ of clearance and the ability to enter with your tractor to make the dragging of your interior footings a breeze!

The ability to customize the round pen walls to meet your needs makes our round pens versatile and safe for both horse and rider.  All our round pens come in a variety of sizes to meet your site requirements and can be customized with options such as solid 6’ or 8’ walls, barred walls, or a combination of both.  The round pen walls are also interchangeable to meet your needs as required.  In addition, you can begin with a round pen and add a cover later as your needs change, or the other way around – add a round pen to integrate with your cover if you decide to do so at a later time. 

If continuous year-round riding in an area with severe weather conditions is an issue, Castlebrook’s Covered Round Pen is the solution for you.  With the ability to customize your structure to meet your required wind and snow loads, we can build your Covered Round Pen for use any time of year, any type of weather.  If increased ventilation in hot weather is a concern, consider adding a pop up center roofline or one our optional 8’ fans to our Covered Round Pen.  No matter your weather conditions, we have you covered!

Castlebrook Barns’ Covered Round pens are unmatched in the industry for safety, versatility and beauty.  We look forward to designing a Covered Round Pen to meet your needs.

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FAQs about Round Pens / Covers

Do I need to purchase the Round Pen with the Cover or can these be purchased separately?

The round pen and the Round Pen Cover can absolutely be purchased separately. With the benefit our modular design, you can easily add the cover or the round pen under the cover at a later time.

What Round Pen panel options do you offer? Do they all need to be solid?

All our round pens panels come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs and can be customized with options such as solid 6’ or 8’ walls, barred walls, or a combination of both.  The round pen panels are also interchangeable to meet your needs as required. 

Even with a cover protecting us from the sun, I am concerned about running my horses in the heat. Do you have any options to help with this?
Yes. We understand that some areas get incredibly hot. Adding a pop-up center roof to your Covered Round Pen will provide maximum ventilation by allowing heat to escape through the opening, while still protecting you and your horse from sun and rain.

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