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Horse Barns

Built with the strength of steel and the timeless beauty of wood

Raised Center Aisle Barn

The Raised Center Aisle horse barn configuration, one of our most popular designs, offers several advantages for your horses. The single or double breezeway design provides excellent ventilation, optimal lighting and a safe, weather-protected area for the care of your horses.

Shedrow Barn

Our Shedrow horse barns are an excellent choice for warm weather climates or where space may be limited. The Shedrow barn can be used in varied applications, such as hot desert conditions, racetracks, or as a training barn. The overhang offers a protected space from sun and rain, and functions as a multi-purpose area perfect for tacking up, cleaning equipment or storing hay.

Round Pens/Covers

All Round Pens come standard with an 8’ wide double gate and squeeze trigger latch for ease of operation. Each Round Pen section assembles quickly with our easy-to-use pin system design. Our Round Pen panels come in a variety of options such as solid 6’ or 8’ walls, barred walls or a combination of both.

Gable Barns

Castlebrook Barn’s Gable Barn design offers a conventional roofline with the benefits of a breezeway style barn. The Gable style is an attractive yet cost friendly barn option utilizing a single roofline. Our Gable barn combines modern construction with traditional beauty.

Gambrel Barns

Castlebrook’s Gambrel Barn offers the best of both worlds – classic American style and modern construction. The Gambrel Barn features a roof design using two different slopes on each side to maximize internal storage space. The gambrel barn is popular as it offers maximum interior capacity and the ability for a large second story loft.

Additional Structures

Whether you’re looking for hay storage, boat or tractor storage, garage, arena cover or any other type of structure, Castlebrook Barns can meet your needs. Our structures are created using a modular system, allowing for countless configurations.