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The Castlebrook Difference

$5,000/day On-Time Guarantee

Castlebrook never misses a ship date. We are so confident in our on-time guarantee that we are willing to guarantee it — in writing! Castlebrook understands how important it is for your project to go as smoothly as possible. This begins with your structure shipping on the date we’ve promised. Castlebrook knows of absolutely no other barn company offering this guarantee. Where other companies disappoint, Castlebrook guarantees to be on time, every time!

Lifetime Warranty on Structural Materials and 40-year Warranty on Roofing Materials

Bringing you the peace of mind of knowing that your structure will be warranted for as long as you own it.Your roofing will be warranted for twice as long as with any other barn manufacturer. Its warranty says a lot about a company and its belief in its products. The length of a warranty basically tells you the company’s estimate of how long they expect your structure to last.

Highly Rated Member of the BBB

The BBB is the consumer watchdog of the business world. This rating tells a consumer about any complaints, lawsuits, as well as how a company conducts itself and its business practices. Typically a company with a poor rating has not acted in good faith in the past, has obviously hurt consumers and will most likely continue to do so.Castlebrook takes great pride in our customers; experiences, from their initial contact to their final walk-through inspection of their dream barn.

Highly Rated with Dunn & Bradstreet

D&B is the credit rating service for businesses. When you do business with a company and provide a large deposit for work to be completed, the financial stability of that company which is entrusted with your funds is so very important. What if the deposit you give a company today is used to purchase materials for previously sold projects because they are not fiscally stable? This happens more often than you think. Please do your due diligence and check Castlebrook’s financial status as well as any other company you are considering.

Licensed Structural Fabricators

Current, modern building codes dictate the licensing a company must have to fabricate steel structures. The absence of this fabricator’s certification may affect your ability to obtain a permit, and you may have to pay for additional on-site inspections of the welds and materials. There is at a substantial cost associated with these inspections, which are paid directly by the consumer.Make sure the company you select is certified to manufacture your barn to avoid these additional hidden costs.

Fully Insured – Liability and Workers Compensation

A properly insured company protects its customers and their projects against liability and insures those working on it. Many potential buyers may not be aware of this fact: If a company is not properly or sufficiently insured, by law the customer may become liable for any damage to the materials, theft of the materials, or injury to a person working on that project. These practices are unacceptable. Ensure the company you choose for your project is properly insured.

No Distributors — Our Customers Purchase Directly From Castlebrook.

Cutting out the middle man allows us to offer the finest products in the industry at very competitive prices while still maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Our customers have the security and peace of mind knowing that if they need service, they deal directly with Castlebrook instead of an independent or outside distributor.Working with Castlebrook means you are dealing with a financially viable, stable company with both significant resources and machinery to complete your project. A distributor, dealer or reseller has no real financial investment – except for possibly the phone you spoke to them on. This can easily result in a “here today gone tomorrow” dedication to both their “business” and their customers.

Dedicated Customer Service Department

Castlebrook has a dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to coordinate your project and address your needs. Other companies have a sales representative handle your project coordination and your customer service needs.Better customer service and a professionally run project make for more satisfied customers.

Excellent Referrals Available

The referral base of a company is the unsolicited opinions of existing customers. The more referrals with positive experiences a company has, the better chance you’ll have a similar experience.Please contact us for referrals in your area.

All Manufacturing Completed On Site

By not “jobbing” out your barn project to multiple sources, Castlebrook maintains control of the quality of every component in your structure. Every barn Castlebrook fabricates is held to highest standards and is never trusted to outside job shops. You may have purchased your barn from one company, but are you actually receiving a product manufactured by them? You may be receiving something manufactured by someone else. Where is the quality control? What are you actually getting? These are important questions that should be asked before purchasing a structure.

State-of-the-art Computer Controlled Steel Preparation and Fabrication

By utilizing modern state-of-the-art equipment, Castlebrook is able to manufacture structures to the strictest standards. Smaller companies without the ability to purchase and maintain state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing equipment will not achieve Castlebrook’s level of precision and quality. In the end, your structure’s level of perfection is sacrificed.

Superior Steel Preparation — an Industrial Finish that Lasts

The best practice of preparing steel for paint is also the most expensive. In our pursuit for perfection, Castlebrook has invested in a steel shot blast machine to prepare our steel members for final paint application. This machine cleans the steel to a minimum of “commercial blast clean” leaving a satin finish. This method holds the paint far better than methods of hand preparation used by other companies. Blasting is a vastly superior system. Once welding and preparation work is performed, we are able to apply a monolithic uniform coat of paint, which encapsulates the material rather than simply repairing corrupted or rusted material. Castlebrook does not believe in using a mill applied galvanized finish on any structural members that make contact with your horse, as it wears quickly and may become toxic in the event of a fire.The galvanization process used by our competition burns off during welding and is simply touched up with silver spray paint. Castlebrook’s paint process adds to the beauty & longevity of your structure and the safety of your horses.

3/16″ Structural Steel Framework

The strength of our structures comes from the engineering and thickness of the structural members. This is why Castlebrook can offer a lifetime structural warranty on all our buildings. Thinner material or “gauge” steel will not last as long and is more susceptible to rust through and structural failure in the event of a fire, earthquake, or just Day-to-day use. Thinner material is always cheaper and never better when it comes to a structure’s integrity.

Select Deck Lumber

In keeping with Castlebrook’s philosophy of using only the finest materials available, all our lumber is “Select Deck.” Select Deck is a very high grade lumber for which every board is hand selected at the mill to Castlebrook’s specific standards. Cutting corners on the quality of materials will not only affect the look of your barn, but will affect the longevity and safety as well.

Heavy Duty Nuts and Bolts

Your structure is assembled with heavy duty nuts and bolts to increase the life of your structure and for the safety of your horses. Most of our competitors use screws. Screws are cheaper, but who pays in the end? Screws will work their way out over time and may leave your structure unsound.

One-piece Trusses

Our standard trusses are completely welded and finished at our facility. They are not screwed together in the field.Stronger trusses mean a longer lasting and safer structure.

Pier and Stemwall Foundation

The safest and most structurally sound foundation goes beyond just a pier foundation alone, or even worse, a pole-type structure without a foundation. Your foundation should be tied together with stemwall to provide the utmost stability and safety. A pier foundation has the ability to shift and pull your structure out of plumb. Without the stemwall connection, your horses can wear down the dirt under the walls and possibly get a leg cast underneath. A stemwall will protect your horse from this danger.

Metal Barns VS. Wood Barns Your Castlebrook Barn is Designed for Ease of Use and Ease of Maintenance. 2 X 6 T&G Boards are both Inexpensive and Simple to Replace

The T&G boards in your structure are not load bearing, making them easy to replace. If one should become damaged or needs replacing, it takes approximately 15 minutes. This can be accomplished by almost anyone and does not require a contractor. Metal wall barn companies only warranty their walls if a horse kicks completely through. They do not necessarily cover damage caused by the horse’s kicks. Metal wall structures are very susceptible to rust and damage due to the thin gauge materials used. When a horse kicks a wall with a thin skin of steel, it can easily cut into the metal and expose a sharp edge. If this situation occurs, it is very dangerous and must be repaired immediately. The repair process must be completed by the manufacturer and is specifically not warranted. Again, the only time it may be covered under the warranty is if you were to allow your horse remain in a dangerous situation and continue to kick the wall until it finally kicks completely through. We all know no one would allow their horses to be in such a situation. To repair a dangerous metal wall like that, the wall must be cut out with a torch and a new wall welded in its place. This repair can be very expensive, and a field inspection of the welds may be required by the building department as well, adding to the repair cost.

T&G Walls that Span 12′

Your Castlebrook barn is designed with the safety of your horse in mind. T&G walls flex and absorb the impact of a horse’s kick while still resisting breakage. The energy of the impact is absorbed by the wall rather than being transferred back to your horse. This is much safer method of construction for housing horses.Metal wall structures span only 4′. This makes the walls very rigid and dangerous for your horse when it is kicked, as it does not “give” or absorb the kicks. Additionally, since there is no shock absorbing system in place, your barn will be damaged by each kick.

Kick-through Warranty

Castlebrook offers a kick through warranty, should your horse kick through a board.Metal barn companies offer a kick through warranty as well. We’ll admit it, kicking through a metal wall barn may be difficult. On the other hand, damaging the wall is easy, making it necessary to replace, all at the customer’s expense.

Insulating Value

Wood is a natural insulator. Wood keeps your barn cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Metal walls will absorb and radiate hot and cold temperatures. This makes the barn hotter in the summer by as much as 20% and colder in the winter by as much as 20%. Would you live in a metal box? Why should your horses? The barn should provide safe, comfortable shelter for you and your horses.

Curb Appeal, Property Values

Castlebrook’s barns have a warm, inviting look which adds to the beauty and value of your property. Metal barns are very commercial looking and rust easily, detracting from your property’s curb appeal and lowering its property value.

High Resale Value

Should you decide to sell your barn, Castlebrook remains the industry leader in value retention.

Round Pen Covers Extensive Selection

All Castlebrook round pens and round pen covers and designed and manufactured on site at Castlebrook’s facility. That is why we can provide you almost limitless choice of sizes and styles. Castlebrook can manufacture a round pen and cover to suit your exact needs.

Wide-flange Beam Truss System – Not a Multi-piece Truss System

Single piece beams add to the structural soundness, longevity and aesthetics of your round pen cover. Utilizing a single-structural member instead of a structural member that is manufactured in pieces and needs to be assembled with screws in the field provides for a structure that is stronger and will last longer. Single piece beams offer less attraction for nesting birds and insects than multi-piece systems.

Round Pen Panels that are Manufactured using Heavy Gauge Steel and are Integrated into the Round Pen Cover.

The Panels are Bolted together vs. utilizing Lightweight Clamps.
By integrating the round pen panels into the structural columns of the cover, the entire structure will be sounder and last longer than our competitor’s. This is the preferred method of manufacturing, as round pens in general take a tremendous amount of abuse. The strength and longevity of your structure comes from the design. Castlebrook’s round pens and covers were designed to complement each other. Heavy duty bolts are used to connect the panels together, rather than using lightweight clamps, which are the standard for other companies.

Greater Roof Spans

A higher quality roof design will span longer distances while still maintaining its structural integrity. A weaker roof system will require a greater number of supports to compensate for its lack of strength. Better quality and stronger materials make for longer lasting structures.

The Panels are Bolted together vs. utilizing Lightweight Clamps.
By integrating the round pen panels into the structural columns of the cover, the entire structure will be sounder and last longer than our competitor’s. This is the preferred method of manufacturing, as round pens in general take a tremendous amount of abuse. The strength and longevity of your structure comes from the design. Castlebrook’s round pens and covers were designed to complement each other. Heavy duty bolts are used to connect the panels together, rather than using lightweight clamps, which are the standard for other companies.

Assembled with Heavy-duty Hardware instead of Disposable Pipe Clamps

Our panels are assembled using heavy duty nuts and bolts. The competition uses the same type of light weight clamps as used with pipe panels. Clamps are not a long-term solution and will fail constantly due to inherent weakness. While other companies assemble their trusses with screws, which may loosen over time, Castlebrook uses heavy duty nuts and bolts. Remember, your Castlebrook structure is built to last a lifetime and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Designed to Naturally Insulate and Protect from the heat of the sun.

Wood is a natural insulator. The reflective galvanized interior lining on the competitor’s round pen walls will superheat in the sunlight. These panels have been known to retain heat up to 2 to 3 times the ambient temperature. Better materials and a more thoughtful design make for a safer structure and a more enjoyable training experience.