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The Raised Center Aisle horse barn configuration, one of our most popular designs, offers several advantages for your horses. The single or double breezeway design provides excellent ventilation, optimal lighting and a safe, weather-protected area for the care of your horses.

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The Raised Center Aisle horse barn configuration – also often referred to as a Monitor Barn – is one of the most popular barn designs for both Castlebrook Barns and worldwide, as it offers several advantages for both you and your horses. The design of the Raised Center Aisle provides for a raised ceiling above a full-length breezeway, providing excellent ventilation, optimal lighting and a safe, weather-protected area for you to care for your horses.

In addition to the functionality of the layout, the Raised Center Aisle, or Monitor barn, has classic architectural lines, making it perfect for classic equestrian centers and home barns alike. The Raised Center Aisle can be configured in a single or double breezeway design, thereby providing room for those needing extra space for horses, equipment, groom stalls, storing hay or for any use requiring a protected space.

The breezeway area can be customized in width to accommodate an endless array of uses. The standard 12’ breezeway, or an almost unlimited widened width, can be used for such things as tacking up, farrier work or grooming your horses utilizing crosstie rings. This wide area is especially useful when using individual tack trunks, as it allows passage between the stalls in a safe, wide area. This sheltered area also means you can work in a protected space free from sun, rain and snow, making it the year-round option for those who live in an environment heavily affected by weather.

And speaking of Mother Nature, our Raised Center Aisle barns are engineered and built to meet your location’s wind and/or snow load requirements. With our 3/16” structural steel framework, Castlebrook’s ability to meet and exceed the requirements provided through your local building department is un-matched in the industry. In addition, we offer various roof pitches so as to accommodate both the look you desire and the wind and snow load requirements needed in your jurisdiction. Castlebrook’s barns are designed and engineered for the safety of you and your horses while maintaining both beauty and functionality.

A popular option is using the upper breezeway space as a second story. This option provides for a lofted space for a myriad of uses, including hay storage, viewing areas or a just a place to relax and view your horses below. This loft option is especially useful for those needing to maximize space, as the upper level loft frees up more space on the ground for use by you and your horses.

The Raised Center Aisle barn can be customized in design even further by utilizing the many options Castlebrook has available. Some of the more popular Raised Center Aisle options are overhang extensions, and upper breezeway windows. The overhang extension option provides for an extended space out from the front and/or rear of your barn to add additional room for use while still being under cover and protected from the elements.  The overhang space can be further customized with crosstie posts, hitching posts or grooming options to further make the space both functional and beautiful.

The upper ventilated space of the Raised Center Aisle/Monitor barn not only allows fresh air and light in to the barn, it also provides hot air the opportunity to escape. By adding the upper breezeway window option, it gives you the ability to control the natural ventilation, as they can be open and closed as desired depending on the weather and airflow desires.

Overall, the Raised Center Aisle, or Monitor barn, is an extremely useful design, providing shelter from the elements, a traditional look and superior lighting and ventilation.

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FAQs about Raised Center Aisle
Horse Barns

What is the difference between a Raised Center Aisle barn and a Gable style barn?

The Raised Center Aisle barn has an upper and lower roof to allow for more increased cross ventilation and optimal natural light.  The Gable style barn is an A-shaped structure giving it a traditional look and allowing snow and ice to easily run off the roof.

What are some of the options/added benefits of a Raised Center Aisle barn?

The Raised Center Aisle barn is a popular option for many reasons, such as the option to add a loft in between the upper and lower roof for storage, increased fresh air and natural light, and a protected breezeway area to use when caring for your horses.

What are the benefits of a double breezeway barn?

The double breezeway option allows for back-to-back horse stalls thereby making the most optimal use of space. This gives all the benefits of a standard Raised Center Aisle Barn while making the best use of precious building area.  This option is perfect for boarding facilities or those looking to increase their ability to house additional horses.

I love the look of the second pop-up roofline, but is it the best option for inclement weather? Is there way to cover the space between rooflines?
  • Yes!  By utilizing our upper breezeway windows, you have the option of opening them for a cross breeze or closing them in inclement weather.  This gives all the benefits of ventilation and the ability to “close up” when desired.


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