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$5,000.00 On-Time Guarantee

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On-Time Guarantee

Your structure will be ready to load ON-TIME or Castlebrook will pay you up to $5,000.00 per day*.

*See Terms and Conditions Below

This stunning barn is located in Northern California. This is an 8-Stall Raised Center Aisle with Castlebrook’s Nantucket colored roofing and custom colored Nantucket framework to match. This RCA…

Do you want a barn, but limited on space? Check out this 3-Stall “L-Shaped” Shedrow Barn with 2 horse stalls and a tack room. Perfect for a small area or to add on to later!

Check out this 10-stall Raised Center Aisle barn featuring our Castlebrook Brown framework and Grand Prix colored roofing! The barn has three cupolas, fascia, and a beautiful roof extension that makes a good shady spot to sit down and get out of the sun.

All Castlebrook structural framework is manufactured on-site allowing us full control of your project. Castlebrook NEVER brokers this manufacturing to secondary fabricators.


How to Qualify:

A completely executed Contract and Design Authorization
• Written notice of readiness executed by both parties
• All terms and conditions of contract adhered to by Buyer

*Terms and Conditions: In the case of any contradictions from contract and this document, the contract shall prevail.

To qualify: Castlebrook must receive a completely executed Contract and Design Authorization, written notice of readiness executed by both parties, all terms and conditions of contract adhered to by Buyer and this offer must be specifically denoted as “Offer CB101 Revision 03/31/06” within the “Notes” section of contract.

Offer not valid if delay is caused by acts of God, fire, war, insurrection, mob action, floods, storms, acts of government, differences with workmen, local labor shortages, break down of equipment, damage or delay of materials, inability to obtain materials, delivery issues, rejected materials, or other acts or circumstances outside the control of Castlebrook. Maximum cumulative liability to Castlebrook shall not exceed 20% of “barn total” shown on original contract and specifically excludes any changes or change orders. This offer is not available for metal buildings, arenas or hardware.

Offer is void if Buyer does not return all documents within 24 hours of transmission by Castlebrook, Buyer delays production and/or loading in any way whatsoever, or if claim for this offer is not received in writing by Castlebrook within 72 hours of occurrence.

Castlebrook will be ready to load your structure at our facility per date agreed to on written notice of readiness (“load” is defined as materials are ready for shipment at Castlebrook’s facility whether or not trucking is available). Items inadvertently missed do not qualify for this program (Inadvertently missed items are defined as 5% of the total quantity of parts listed within Castlebrook’s parts list generated for your structure and used by Castlebrook’s production department, excluding hardware). If this occurs, Castlebrook will diligently resolve these issues.

All other terms & conditions of contract to remain in effect.