• Step 3 – The Completion Of Your Barn

  • Details on building a horse barn

    Foundation & Installation - Varies

    The time frame for this work will vary depending on the size and complexity of the Castlebrook structure that you purchased.  

    As a general rule, foundations take 3-4 days.  There will be 1-2 days to dig and form the foundation, a day for the inspection, and one more day for the concrete pour. 

    The time the barn can take to install will also vary.  For example, if using one of Castlebrook's preferred installers, they install approximately 4 stalls per day.  If you are installing the barn yourself or having your own contractor perform this work, it can take a little bit longer.  

    **Helpful Hint: 

    If you are performing the work yourself or using your own contractor, please make certain everyone involved has Castlebrook Barns' contact information.  We don't want your time or money being wasted when a simple call to Castlebrook can quickly answer your questions.

    Lumber Treatment - 1-2 days

    It is important for the lumber to be treated as soon as your barn is erected and the boards put into place. Since Castlebrook's barns are sold worldwide, we recommend that you discuss treatment options with your local paint dealer or home improvement store to decide the best product for your area and climate. 

    **Helpful Hint: 

    If you are unsure of what color stain or paint you want to use on your new barn, give us call.  We are happy to supply sample pieces of lumber along with samples of the frame and roof colors you selected.  This will allow you to "test" the stain or paint prior to your barn arriving.

    Picture time 

    Your barn is now complete and you are the proud owner of a Castlebrook Barn! Now is the time to move in, snap a few photos of your structure and let us know how much you love it!

    **Helpful Hint:

    We really do want to see your barn!  We love to get photos during the entire process as well as when the barn is up and you have added all your personal touches. You never know, upon your approval, your photo could end up on our website or in our next advertisement. In addition, you will receive a thank you gift for sharing photos of your new Castlebrook barn.