• Step 2 in getting a new horse barn…Coordination and Fabrication.


    Step 2 in getting a new horse barn...Coordination and Fabrication.

    Now that you know the type of barn you want and have signed the contract, you're ready to move on to Part 2 in our barn building series. In this segment we will cover what you can expect during the fabrication and coordination of your new barn.

    Customer Service 
    Our Customer Service Department will be your point of contact following the signing of your contract and will be with you every step of the way.  Whether it is answering building department questions, helping you with color choices, scheduling your delivery, or making any changes to your structure, your representative will be there to walk you through the process.   

    **Helpful Hint:   Castlebrook has been around for almost 20 years and has successfully manufactured thousands of structures.  Although this may be your first barn project, it certainly isn't Castlebrook's. Our customer service representatives have been tried and tested.   So no matter what the question or issue, we have probably dealt with a similar situation in the past. We urge you to use our wealth of knowledge to guide you through this process.  

    Coordination of the Foundation, Installation and Delivery

    As a direct manufacturer we do not deliver or erect your structure; however, upon your request, we will happily coordinate both the delivery and installation of your barn. Our preferred, independent trucking companies and contractors have years and years of experience with our product and perform using the estimates we provide.

    **Helpful Hint: By this point, you are very excited about getting your new barn.  We are too!! Please keep in mind that permits can take some time.  In order to schedule correctly and have your barn when you want and need it, we HIGHLY recommend that you have your permit prior to scheduling your delivery. The last thing you want is to schedule prematurely and then need to reschedule due to a permit issue. We are all excited, but let's not put the cart before the horse!   

    Final Fabrication of your new horse barn - approximately 8-12 weeks The final fabrication process begins as soon as we receive written notice of readiness and any further required deposit. Upon receipt of these items, you will then receive schedule confirmation paperwork for your approval.  This paperwork will state the date your structure will be ready for shipment. If you are using one of our preferred contractors, the confirmation will also include the dates the foundation and installation work will be performed.   

    **Helpful Hint: There is plenty to do during the time of final fabrication.  It is recommended that you use this time to confirm your barn pad is flat and level and to mark any underground items or utilities.  This is also a great time to begin choosing the stain or paint you will use to seal the wood on your new barn.