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Selecting the Best Color Combination for Your Horse Barn

There are many decisions to make when building a new horse barn, and one of the most overlooked decisions is often the barn color.

The selection of the perfect exterior color for your new barn at your property hinges primarily on the other structures that exist in the vicinity that it should complement. But color can also affect the use of the building and the comfort of your horses.

Long ago, horse barns, and agricultural buildings in general, were not painted at all. Early settlers simply built the barn out of wood and were happy to have shelter for their grains and livestock. Naturally, the weather took its toll on the untreated lumber, and farmers in the 1700’s began figuring out that they needed to treat the wood to protect it from sun, rain and snow.

Traditional red barns are very common across the United States countryside. Ever wonder why this color became popular? Well, originally barns in Europe were painted in rusty brown/red colors, perhaps to create the appearance of red brick, which was considered a building material of the wealthy. Also, the red color was devised by early Dutch farmers using what was readily and cheaply available to them.

Thankfully, these days we are not so limited. We can choose literally any color and any shade we so desire! Discover the best color for your building today!

Choosing a Color Scheme For Your Climate

When choosing colors, it is not important that you are a master painter or know the difference between tones, tints, hues and shades. It is important that you start with a color profile that makes sense for your climate and particular location to ensure the temperature in the building is as comfortable as possible and isn’t an eyesore for you or your neighbors. 

Color planning is an important decision and can be a fun process. There are color visualizing programs that can help you test out different color combinations for the roof, trim, side panels, doors and wainscoting. Colors that blend in to the natural surroundings are by far the most selected combination. These colors include reds, greens and other earth tones.

Whether you want your barn to match your existing buildings or you want the building to stand out from the rest of your homestead, the options are truly limitless. Color options focus more on the aesthetics of your building, but you should also keep your climate in mind when choosing your colors.

  • Cold Climate: The burnt red paint used in early barns was not only effective at keeping the wood of the building protected from the weather, it also made the barn warmer. The dark colors such as black, dark reds and browns will absorb heat from the sun. While this may be an advantage in colder climates, in warmer regions of the country it was not as beneficial for the comfort of livestock.
  • Hot Climate: Colors such as white or light gray reflect light and heat from the sun, and therefore provide the best option for keeping your barn cool. If you live in a desert region or hot climate, light colors are the obvious best choice for your horses’ comfort. Light colors also enhance the presence of a structure by making it appear larger in size than a dark-colored building. 

Other Considerations

  • Landscape: Greens and browns will provide the maximum blending benefit with most landscapes, especially in areas of forest, fields and mountains.
  • Appearance: A contrast of colors, with a darker color on the base of the building and a lighter color above, will ground the building and make it appear stout and sturdy.
  • Cleanliness: A darker color at the base can mask mud splashes created from rain off the roof of the structure or mud being kicked up by your horses. 

A sharply contrasting trim color to that chosen for the siding will enhance the architectural lines of the structure.

How Many Colors Should I Choose?

While the number of colors to use is really based on personal preference, the most popular are two-tone and three-tone pole barn colors. These color combinations usually encompass one for the roof, another for the side walls, and possibly a third for the trim. Often times, the wainscot, windows, doors, and trim are matched with the roof.  Some people, however, are attracted to a mono-colored scheme where all of the building components are the same color.

How Do I Select the Best Colors?

Begin by checking out your property’s landscape. Notice the colors of other structures as well as any design details that stand out to you. You want to be sure that the barn colors you use coordinate with surrounding buildings and natural features.
If you are planning to paint your home and/or other buildings on the property within the next couple years, you will want to coordinate the barn color with the color you will ultimately paint the house or other structures. You do not want to end up with a color that does not go with what your future holds. If you are not sure where the trend of your farm or homesteading will likely be, it is safest to use earth tone colors and let your home and landscaping stand out to encompass most of your property’s unique beauty.

A Final Tip

Resale appeal for your property can be largely affected by your choice of colors. So it is prudent to resist making a bold color statement with something as large as a barn

It is also important to note that not all barn paint is created equally. The best paint systems offer attractive colors and color combinations that also provide extra protection against environmental conditions such as ultraviolet rays, humidity and general wear and tear – ensuring your barn’s long-lasting beauty.
Whether you decide to use a single color, a duo-tone scheme, or three or even more color choices for your barn design, we are here to help. 

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