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Castlebrook Barn’s Gable Barn design offers a conventional roofline with the benefits of a breezeway style barn. The Gable style is an attractive yet cost friendly barn option utilizing a single roofline. Our Gable barn combines modern construction with traditional beauty.

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Castlebrook Barns’ Gable barn is modeled after one of the oldest barn designs used by famers and ranchers. The Gable barn has a single triangular shaped roof forming a large letter A — hence the other name for a gable, the A-Frame Barn. Farmers and ranchers utilize this roofline for numerous reasons, one being the ease of which rainwater, snow and ice run off the Gable Barn’s pitched roof. The high Gable Horse Barn roof also allows for great ventilation and space, as warm air rises to the top of the barn’s interior roofline

With a Gable Barn Horse Barn you get all the advantages of a beautiful breezeway configuration with the friendly cost benefit of a single roofline. As with our other breezeway barns, the center aisle can be customized in width, making it a useable workspace protected from sun and rain year-round. By designing your stalls with grilled or barred stall fronts, even your horses can enjoy the activity going on in the breezeway area of your barn!

Utilizing Castlebrook’s long list of accessories and options, you can further customize the Gable Barn. One of the more popular design options is the addition of an overhang extension, which provides an additional space out from either side of the Gable Barn. This space adds an additional open area for use while still being under cover and protected from the elements. This space can be customized for grooming or tacking up, making it useful as well as attractive. Another popular design option are rear doors and turnouts, creating outdoor roaming space for your horses and making stall maintenance easier for you. Additional accessories such as feed mangers, auto waterers and rubber stall mats all come together to make your Gable Barn both functional and beautiful.

The gable barn is a cost friendly, user-friendly and horse-friendly option for your property and stable needs!

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FAQs about Gable Horse Barns

What is the difference between a Gable Barn and a Raised Center Aisle barn?

The Gable Barn style is an A-shaped single roofline, whereas the Raised Center Aisle Barn has an upper and lower roofline using two roof levels.  The Gable roofline allows for easy runoff of rain, snow and ice.  The Gable Barn’s design gives you all the advantages of a breezeway barn with the cost advantage of a single roofline. 

Can a Gable Barn be used for other purposes, such as a garage or accessory building?

Yes! Castlebrook’s Gable Barn is the perfect option for a garage, hobby building or storage for your equipment.  By utilizing our free span truss option, the Gable Barn can be built to meet your clearance needs, giving you maximum protected space.

Is the Gable Barn a good option if I want a more enclosed structure?
Yes, since the Gable Barn features an A-shaped roof, the upper structure has no gaps, lessening the ability of harsh weather to enter your barn from above.

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